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United Imaging Partners has put together a world class executive team. We have some of the greatest minds from a multitude of industries to support and guide you through the startup and operational phases of your business. While others tout a “team”, we think it is important that you get to “know” our team and really understand who is working behind the scenes to ensure your success. Each and every member of our team is dedicated to helping you run an incredibly successful business.



Curt Dimmick

President & Chief Operating Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Curt Dimmick brings a unique blend of twenty years of technology development and healthcare industry experience to United Imaging Partners. Curt’s incredible vision is leading United Imaging Partners into the future. He has single-handedly engineered and designed the technological resources that streamline and automate the United Imaging Partners business model for its partners.

His expertise was gained from the real-life management challenges he encountered as the co-founder of Visionweb Studios, an Austin-based firm providing custom application development and web design services, as well as from consulting for leading technology companies, including Insync Systems, IBM, Compaq and Bell Atlantic Business Systems. He designed and deployed numerous custom software solutions, including a web driven nationwide recruitment system.

Curt began in this industry in 2002. United Imaging Partners pioneered the industry, broke down the barriers of entry and turned it into the burgeoning industry it is today. Curt has been instrumental in bringing on more than 200 new partners. Even though he is COO, he takes a very hands on approach to ensure the success of each and every one of the 3D/4D ultrasound facilities on board with UIP.

Curt assumed the leadership in understanding the technology and training required for the ultrasound screenings and the required safety issues involved. Having worked in the medical field prior to technology, he clearly recognized that strict adherence to healthcare regulations and compliance would be absolutely core to the success of any 3D/4D company. His due diligence and meticulous attention to 3D/4D ultrasound’s ever evolving healthcare compliance issues potentially safeguards the industry for all of the UIP partners.

Curt Dimmick’s dedication to United Imaging Partners and to growing this industry to its fullest potential is of the utmost importance to him.



Bryan Lee Wootan

Creative Director

Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge of the online and print world to United Imaging Partners. With over 13 years of practical experience, he has covered a broad range of design and communication strategies in both website design/development and offset /digital printing.

Not intimidated by a challenge, Bryan steps into the ring, bringing marketing communication and consistency of message as the key ingredients for developing a brand. Choosing the right imagery, copy and call to action to drive home the message is what he does best.

Always the innovator, he thinks through the problem at hand, and finds a creative solution with technology and the right messaging to achieve the goals of the project.

Among some of Bryan’s accomplishments are the rebranding of Texas State University, Timeslips (Time & Billing software), DacEasy (Accounting software), TimeSheet (Project Time & Expense Management software) under the Sage brand.

Bryan came to United Imaging Partners after he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. A great work environment, a national client base, a chance to work with new technologies allowing new and innovative opportunities, and all the Diet Dr Peppers he can drink.



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