Hi all,

As we all work together to weather this storm that’s going on around us the information included below can provide you with financial resources that can help you keep your business on track during this difficult time. The recent stimulus package provides many resources that can support and prevent catastrophic loss of revenue and an inability to pay both your personal and business bills.

Most stores and owners should qualify for the recently approved stimulus money that will be coming from the IRS. If you filed a 2018 or in 2019 tax return for your personal taxes you should receive this stimulus money with no action required on your part.

In addition, the recent stimulus allows self-employed individuals to also apply for unemployment assistance via their state and federal resources that will be put in place this week to allow for the funding of unemployment related compensation directly to you as the employer of a small business. In most cases the actual unemployment Will be paid by FEMA not by your state. However you are required to apply with your state first. So, if your current local government or by election you have stop seeing customers you should immediately go and make application for unemployment benefits. This can help to satisfy your personal expenses while the SBA information included below will help to pay your business bills. In addition to the amount of unemployment payment you may receive on a weekly basis from either your state or FEMA the stimulus package also includes an additional $600 per week of unemployment for up to four months or the duration of this declaration. This could result in a reasonable amount of income in the face Of this situation. Please visit your state unemployment website for direct information on how to make application. The FEMA element of that application has not yet been released but is expected this week. Please watch your local unemployment website for this information.

Last but not least, the stimulus package passed substantial financial assistance for small businesses. I have included a link below for the application process at the SBA for disaster relief. You should go and make this application right away the sooner you make application the sooner you can receive funds. Part of this package allows for up to $10,000 to to cover business expenses and payroll if necessary and does not have to be repaid. These funds can be made available in as little as three days from the completion of the application. Additionally if the SBA provides these initial funds within three days you do not have to pay it back even if you are not ultimately approved for further loans. Please go and make these applications ASAP.


Again please go and make this application ASAP.

If you have a current SBA loan that you have used to start your business or operate your business it is quite likely that the SBA will be making your loan payment on your behalf for some period of time. Please check with your lender for the SBA directly to see if you qualify for this assistance. This would be in addition to any other assistance you may be qualified for.

While I know that all of us are feeling the stress and strain of these unprecedented times, i’d like to encourage you to take this time when possible to rest relax and recoup your energy for the time when this has ended. We still see strong demand from pregnant women wanting to get the service completed and most speculation is that the birth rate will increase due to the stay at home orders. As difficult As these times are we feel strongly that business will rebound substantially at the conclusion of this event. The tools that are available to maintain your finances should be adequate for businesses of our nature to weather the storm and come out the other side strong and prepared and rested to serve our customers.

We are sending our prayers for each and every one of you and those you love to be safe and healthy throughout this difficult time.

All the best,