Sonostream LIVE! – Digital Video Streaming

Sonostream LIVE is a digital video streaming technology that you can install in your facility to allow you to share your client’s 3D/4D ultrasound session LIVE – in real time, privately across the Internet with anyone in the world! The Mom-to-be can invite any number of friends to share in this experiencing by sending out an email through this incredible service. Guests can then login and share in the experience as it happens for only $12.95 per guest. Once inside, guests can hear the oohs, ahhs and share in the emotional tears of joy as everyone meets the new addition to the family for the first time.

Desktop & Mobile

You can choose when and where you want to watch the LIVE digital streaming video of the 3D/4D/HD ultrasound session. Sonostream LIVE’s features allow you to watch when you want and where you want with our on-demand for iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet Devices. Or, if you can watch from the comfort of your chair at your home on your desktop or laptop computer. It’s convenient, easy, and fun for everyone involved.

Digital Video

Moms now have the ability to save their baby’s digital video and relive the experience anytime. Just think – you’re out with your girlfriends and at your fingertips you can show them everything your baby was doing… blowing kisses, hiccupping, yawning, waving, smiling, or winking.

Secure & Safe

Using a secure broadband Internet connection and our password protected site, only your friends and family can experience the sights and sounds of your 3D/4D ultrasound session with you, both live as well as on demand! You can rest assured that only the people you want to see it can see it.

How Does It Work?

Using a video capture device that’s integrated with the ultrasound machine, those you invite will see what you see! From a wave to a stretch to a yawn, you’ll all be able to experience the 3D/4D/HD ultrasound together.

As your ultrasound is performed, the 4D ultrasound images will be processed and streamed LIVE over the Internet and into their computer via our dedicated web server. We’ll also simultaneously record the video stream so that it can be viewed on-demand in the future.

We can even place a microphone in the viewing room so that everyone watching can hear you talk as the ultrasound takes place. All the ooo’s and ahh’s will only add to the experience!

Streaming your 4D ultrasound does not affect the quality in any way. It simply gives you a way to share something so precious with those who can’t be next to you during this magical moment.



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