3D Ultrasound Business Basics

3D Ultrasound Business Insight – When starting a 3D ultrasound business, it’s critical that you get guidance from those who have already done it successfully before. Where some 3D ultrasound business programs provide you with basic information and then leave you to fend for yourself, we make sure that you have absolutely everything you need before you need it. Only then can your 3D ultrasound business find success.

With comprehensive training, a thorough 3D ultrasound business binder, and an arsenol of tools, partnerships and national marketing opportunities, you’ll soon see why we’re recognized as the largest and most respected 3D / 4D ultrasound network in the world. For those who opt to go it alone or purchase an ultrasound business booklet , here are some caveats to keep in mind when starting your 3D ultrasound business.
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Know who you’re placing your future with!

It’s important to have a clear understanding of who you are placing your trust behind. If the company or its owners aren’t reputable proven performers, how can you expect to receive the kind of guidance and support necessary to succeed in a 3D ultrasound business? This is why we highly recommend that you do a background check on the owner or company itself so that you can truly see who you are going into business with.


Plan your facility location carefully!

Speak with any real estate agent and they’ll tell you how important location, location, location is to a business. When searching for a location for your 3D ultrasound business, make sure you consider its convenience, surrounding area, nearby roads, and more. With UIP, you’ll get assistance in finding the right facility and we’ll provide you with a long list of things you need to consider when searching for available space. We’ll even give you a complete list of everything you need to open your 3D ultrasound business facility and when you need to order it…from the ultrasound machine right down to the paperclips!


Have a plan!

We often see other 3D business facilities close their doors only months after they open because they either didn’t know what to expect or didn’t know how to build their business. It is absolutely critical that you put a well-thought out business plan in place or you’ll be destined to fail from day one. With United Imaging Partners, we’ll provide you with a potent 3D ultrasound business plan once you answer a series of questions and do some due diligence in your marketplace. After analyzing your target market, local competition, management and personnel requirements, and more, we’ll create a customized business plan that will become the perfect road map for you and your company.


Get the word out!

You can’t expect to bring in customers if they don’t know you exist so be sure to advertise and market your 3D ultrasound business in the right places. There are specific target audiences that you seek and several clever ways in which you can capture their attention. If you advertise in the wrong place or use flawed ads or methods, then your exposure will be dramatically hindered. While advertising on a national level or via top tier media might be impossible without the benefit of our network’s buying power and partnerships, there are certainly going to be opportunities in your local area if you look.

With UIP, you would benefit not only from custom advertisements that are proven to generate interest in your 3D ultrasound business, but also national and regional marketing opportunities that you couldn’t possibly afford on your own…such as Pregnancy and Fit Pregnancy magazines! We’ll also provide you with several key marketing ideas that you can easily implement to keep that appointment book jammed with eager customers. We’ve done it ourselves and helped our more than 70 3D ultrasound business partners do it as well. We can certainly do it for you.


Protect your future!

Certain states and municipalities have their own legislation and requirements for 3D ultrasound business owners. The last thing you want to do is spend tens of thousands of dollars to open your 3D ultrasound business only to fined or even shut down by regulatory agencies. Make sure you adhere to all laws and requirements, and by all means, make sure you get appropriate insurance so that you are totally covered. Property insurance isn’t enough. With UIP, we’ll make sure you are in compliance from day one and even help you secure the kind of insurance plans you need.


Practice makes perfect!

Repetition is one of the keys to mastery and we highly advise that you become very, very familiar with the equipment you’ll be using…from its operation to safety precautions. If you try and simply go off a manual, you’ll never be as effective or efficient as you can be. While you are operating your ultrasound business as a for-profit venture, you need to keep in mind that you have a distinct set of responsibilities when it comes to mother and baby.

We personally train all of our partners and ensure that they have a complete understanding of the equipment, their responsibilities, and what to do when the unexpected happens. Do not scan if you are unprepared because you are just opening your business up for liability. As the largest and most respected 3D ultrasound business network in the world, we want to do everything possible to protect the industry…and your business in the process.


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