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Client Testimonials

"I wanted to offer you a review of your integrated package. I'm sure you are well aware of its value but I recently became aware of it at training with Sandy but also on a phone call with Baby****. I wasn't "shopping around" but just price checking really. I assume you know their product and pricing and just wanted to say I'm a firm believer in your integrated package being superior! Thank you!"
M. Miller
“B****** and I always say that working with you was the best thing we could have done! We are grateful for all the direction, knowledge and material you have all shared with us! So many clients tell us how much they love the name. We always remember the conversations with you and we are truly thankful we listened to you!”

T. Costas
“Working with UIP in the startup phase was absolutely essential!! I notice the value more and more as the years pass by. Over my 12.5 years in the business I have watched multiple Studios close quickly. In my personal opinion they were not successful as they tried to open their own business without the guidance of UIP experts.”

T. Conway